Another Baby After Twins: Things to Consider

Some exciting news to share in the blogosphere… Mister and Missy are going to be a big brother and a big sister! We are expecting our third (and final) addition to the family this coming fall, just after Canadian Thanksgiving.

I’m sure everyone is curious to know why we are having another baby after having twins. Those are probably the same people who asked us within weeks of the twins being born: “So are you going to have more?” I blame those folks for planting the seed in my head!

It's a Boy!


Those comments and many more like them throughout the years left me wondering: Should we be thinking about having more? Why are they saying this when they just finished telling us we have our hands full? What’s it like to look after one newborn instead of two? And what if we have another set of twins???

Instead we would reply: “Not now” with a really frazzled look on our faces to drive home the fact that it was bad timing for that question. Would you ask that question of a couple who just had their first baby? Probably not, because you naturally assume they will go for another once things settle down with the first born. Then how could parents of newborn twins possibly have their head on straight enough to think that far ahead?


As the twins grew out of infancy, we still got that question and started answering “We’ll see after they are out of diapers” or “We’ll see once they start school”.

Ironically, once they started school, most people stopped asking. Maybe because starting school is almost like a rite of passage in some ways, and most people try to have their children closer in age.

No one knows how many children they will be blessed with, so it’s hard to plan these things. Most of the families we know with twins plus one have an older singleton. More often than not, they ended up with twins because they were going for ‘one more’. Although four sounds a nice round number, very few of the families in our area were brave enough to go for ‘one more’, one more time!

There were other important things we needed to consider before deciding to take the plunge back into parenthood. First was the increased chance of having fraternal twins again. Next, there was no extra bedroom in our house for a new baby. Also, would a third car seat fit in the back of our SUV? Would the baby be the odd one out? Would the potential age difference of 4-5 years between the twins and a newborn be too great? The twins have been sleeping through the night since they stopped teething, so would we have the energy to do it all over again? Finally, would we ever travel again??

Now, here we are, expecting another baby. And yes, it’s one this time! We will just have to take things one day at a time and hope that everyone is right when they say: “One baby will be a piece of cake for you after having twins!”

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Ambereen is mom to two cute twins Mister and Missy, now with a third baby on the way! She’s Canadian eh, and lives in Canada’s capital with her husband, Mr. Mama. Between travelling and a busy social life, she works full-time in the public sector in IT policy. She enjoys writing short stories interjected with subtle humour about life adventures, sharing recipes, and coming up with fun yet simple activities to do with the kids. After a short hiatus where life got in the way of writing, she is back blogging at 2Cute – Adventures in Twin Parenting. She is looking forward to sharing her experiences here about life with twins + 1. And yes, it’s only one this time!

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