Learning to Read: A Three Year Old’s Perspective

Mama is taking a break from writing for a couple of weeks, so the twins have taken over 2CuteBlog! This first post is Missy and Mister talking about their books.

Hullo! I Missy and this Mis’tur. We are Siya and Faya.

Mama too beezy now. She makin’ yummy foodie for us in the kitchen.

What your name? We learn alphabet at ‘chool and we know our name is S and F. When we drive with Mama in the new car I say “Where S for Siya go?”. Then my brodder say “Where F for Faya go?”. Then I say “Where other S for Siya go?”.

We get vewy happy when we see our name. Mama call it “Shoppers” or “Esso” or “stop sign” or “Furniture Store” but we know it really our name. Faya don’t have as many as me.

When we read a book I see S for Siya and show everybody. Then Faya ask “Where F for Faya go?” and we look for it together. Because we share everything. That our favourite book (Share Everything by Robert Munsch). And I like Elmo book and Dora book and Mickey Mou’ book and Big Tuck (truck) book. And I like all the book. And I no share with Faya.

Mama get book from lib’ary go-bus (Library Bookmobile). And we go to Book’mobile to get aaallll the book! This pic-tur of us in Book’mobile and coming out of the go-bus. Can you believe the go-bus have so many book?

Then we go home and read a book in my bedroom and I love the bunny rabbit clue book with the rhyme (Max and Ruby Treasure Hunt). I know all the rhyme like ‘Little Boy Blue, come blow your … Nose!” I say. Mama say it is horn but I think nose make more sense.

‘Hey diddle diddle. The cat and the fiddle. The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such sport. And the dish ran away with the …Foon!” I say.  Mama say I get it right.

And ‘foon in the ki’chen and Mama in the ki’chen. And I Cookie Mon’ter. I eat all the cookie! I hung’y. I go see what Mama makin’.

Bye bye, see you soon!

Now it Faya ka turn. (Mister’s turn). I like to readabook!

Dada read a book to me at nighttime. I give Dada a book and I read a book. And Dada read the book then Dada go to sleep and I read a book. Then my eyes get vewy vewy tired and Dada take my book and turn off light and I go sleep.

When I read a new book I like to read it one-two-three-four time. Last night Mama bring me new book and I start to read from the back. I turn the page from left to right. And I read the right page first then left page. And I look at all the picture and listen Mama tell the stow’y. I like to hold the book. Then I finish the book and close it.

Then I open it again from the back. And I listen to Mama again read the book and ask her “What this?” and “What this?”. Then I finish the book and close it.

Then I open it again from the back. And I point out what is in the book and name everything. See, I good at remembering! Then I quiz Mama on “What this?” and “What this?”.  And if she give wrong answer I say “naoooo” and tell her what it is. Then I finish the book and close it.

Then I open it again from the back and Mama say “One more time than all done!”.  Now I read it out loud, moving my finger over all the ABCD. I read from up to down, and read the ABCD from left to right really, really fast. Then I finish the book and close it.

Then I open it again but Mama say it time to go to sleep and I say “All done” and give her the book. Mama turn off the light and I turn over and snuggle with Mama. I reach out to her to make sure she still there and just as I fall asleep, Mama leave the room to get something. I don’t remember what because I now sleeping.

Good night!




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