Working Mom Series: Manage Your Time

This is the last in a four part series about Working Moms. The previous posts were about being organized at work and looking good which you can read about it HERE, HERE and HERE.

This final post tries to tie all the elements together with links to previous posts and talks about overall time management, both at work and at home. Because time is money.

Little banker

Little banker


Value Your Time

Some women cannot wait to return to work after maternity leave and crave interaction with their peers. More still try really hard to prove themselves and show they haven’t lost their work skills from staying home with an infant. And a few, like me, forget to say “no” when given projects and take on too much.

I learned the hard way that once you show what you are capable of, you will be expected to continue at the pace and maintain that level of production for a long time to come. So think twice before you work overtime and put every waking moment into a work project. Ask yourself: is this sustainable in the long run?

Several months ago, I wrote this piece for the Ottawa Mommy Club on how to say no at work:


Manage a Household

I am always looking for efficient ways to get nutritious, home cooked food on the table. Lately we have been slacking on that front but hoping for a little downtime over the holidays so we can catch up on our batch cooking. Here are some food preparation tips and tricks I wrote about last year to help families plan their meals.


Stick to Routine

Mister and Missy are now daycare veterans and sticklers for routine. This is very beneficial for us now since the weekday evenings are very fast-paced in our household. Here’s a couple of narratives describing what I mean.

Readjusting to work life and handling mommy guilt:

Toddler bedtime routine:

An unusually productive day in our life:


Guilt-less Parenthood

Last, but not least, let go of any guilty feelings about where you could do better or what you could have done differently. You are doing the best you can!

How do you survive the balancing act between raising kids and doing a good job at work?



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