Working Mom Series: How To Dress For Success

This is the second in a four part series about Working Moms, intended to help inspire some of us to make New Years resolutions and focus on making survival at work easier. The first post was about being organized at work which you can read about it HERE.

I am no expert on success but I do know it is whatever you define it to be. For some, success means a high-ranking position with an expense account and ginormous salary. For others it means wearing matching socks and showing up for work on time while keeping your suit jacket stain-free. Wow that makes me feel very successful!

Joking aside, to feel confident and successful, you need to look the part. At my place of work, I am often asked to attend meetings on behalf of management, sometimes at the last minute. As a result, I wear blazers a lot more here than any ever job I’ve ever had. Not only does it put me on par with the others in the room, it makes me feel more professional

It took months to restock my wardrobe with office essentials that fit, look good and didn’t break the bank. After shopping at many sales at some favourite stores (Smart Set, Jacob, Reitmans, among others), my closet is bursting once again with office attire. I bought several suit jackets for mixing and matching with dress pants. I have a couple of skirts but am normally not a fan as I find them a little too dressy and I don’t like wearing tights.

Finally, a simple accessory will complete the outfit. The hardest part is finding the right piece, or any piece for that matter, when you are in a rush. My costume jewellery is hung, stacked or laid out in one place (otherwise it would be out of sight, out of mind). At the beginning of the week, I will select up to 4 outfits for the week and hang them in a special place within the closet. This takes the guess work and thinking out of what to wear every morning when I am limited on time and still half asleep.

Now if only I could find time for ironing… that I’d be really set!

Next up: Quick 5 Minute Makeup Routine

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Ambereen is mom to two cute twins Mister and Missy, now with a third baby on the way! She’s Canadian eh, and lives in Canada’s capital with her husband, Mr. Mama. Between travelling and a busy social life, she works full-time in the public sector in IT policy. She enjoys writing short stories interjected with subtle humour about life adventures, sharing recipes, and coming up with fun yet simple activities to do with the kids. After a short hiatus where life got in the way of writing, she is back blogging at 2Cute – Adventures in Twin Parenting. She is looking forward to sharing her experiences here about life with twins + 1. And yes, it’s only one this time!

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