Winter Through The Eyes of A Child

In our house we are all worn out by winter and there seems to be no end in sight. February in particular has always been my least favourite month of the year.  Even though it has the fewest days, all the days seems to drag on and on.

This is our twins’ first winter at daycare, and they spent most of it being sick. As a result, my first 6 months back at work full-time has been very difficult with a long hospital stay for Little Mister, followup doctors’ visits and taking time off from work. I know it’s not nice to blame winter, but I do. This winter has been especially challenging for everyone in our region with snowstorms and freezing rain creating havoc with rush hour traffic.

In terms of our daily routine, we have to build in an extra 20 minutes to put snowsuits, hats, mitts, and boots on before climbing into the car. Then when our toddlers arrive at daycare, the same happens in reverse. The few times I’ve enjoyed winter this season have been while shovelling the snow off our driveway. Not because I’m shovelling snow but because I’m taking pictures of Little Mister & Little Missy’s antics while they also try to help with the shovelling. It’s fun to see them working hard with their mini-shovels to push the white stuff around.

Hard at work

Hard at work

As a break we’ll take a short sled ride down the street so they can admire the snowy world we live in.


One day we even visited the park and went for a swing! Who says parks are only for summer days?



Then it’s back into hibernation until the next mild winter day comes along. For as long as I can remember, winter and I have never been friends. But perhaps Little Mister and Little Missy will have a different view as they grow older.

About the author

Ambereen is mom to two cute twins Mister and Missy, now with a third baby on the way! She’s Canadian eh, and lives in Canada’s capital with her husband, Mr. Mama. Between travelling and a busy social life, she works full-time in the public sector in IT policy. She enjoys writing short stories interjected with subtle humour about life adventures, sharing recipes, and coming up with fun yet simple activities to do with the kids. After a short hiatus where life got in the way of writing, she is back blogging at 2Cute – Adventures in Twin Parenting. She is looking forward to sharing her experiences here about life with twins + 1. And yes, it’s only one this time!

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