Our Day at the Spa – Parents’ Day Off

The Spa Nordik in Chelsea one of those well kept secrets that everyone knows about. But ask around and many folks have never been there themselves… us included. Three years after my husband bought a gift certificate for our first anniversary, Mr. Mama and I finally managed to trek out there for Valentine’s Day weekend, sans kids.

We booked massages in the morning then hung out in the baths for a few hours. At first, I was sceptical. I’d heard about the benefits of exposing yourself to hot and cold, but was it really that great? Well I have to say that after the 2nd thermal bath I was hooked!

First we went into the infinity pool, which is part of their newly expanded section. The whole experience was dreamy. Here you are, listening to house beats while lounging in a warm pool that seems to stretch into the distance with a view of downtown Ottawa. Did I mention we did this on a sunny Saturday where the outside temperature was a breezy -15 degrees?

Next we slapped on our tuques and donned our bathrobes before running for the saunas. Our favourite was the aromatic sauna again with a nice view of the Gatineau Hills. Following this was the warm thermal pool where my heart just melted and I felt like staying in it forever. In keeping with the tradition of hot/cold, we dipped into a freezing cold pool just to say we’ve done it. Only lasted in there a couple seconds until we beelined it back to the thermal pool.

There was also a log cabin with stone bed bunk beds, enclosed gazebos with a real wood fireplace, audio therapy rooms, cozy outdoor hammocks where you can wrap yourself in a sleeping bag, and of course, hot tubs. Plenty of places to relax and reflect. Perhaps the biggest surprises were the steam rooms scented with eucalyptus and orange. It was like walking into a dark rainforest. Our skin started beading with sweat within a minute and once we came out, we felt rejuvenated.

The staff were very friendly and take the spa atmosphere very seriously. We saw staff walking around all day wth signs (yes, handheld signs) reminding guests to be quiet. The locker rooms were very classy and make you feel like a member of an exclusive country club. They provide you with waterproof wristbands that also open a personal locker so no need to worry about losing valuables. The locker rooms have private shower facilities complete with scented soap and shampoo, as well as hairdryers. We went home feeling pampered, relaxed and our skin was glowing. What a treat, can’t wait to go again!

If you go:

– Book ahead to guarantee a spot.

– Go in the morning as the Spa limits the number of guests in the pools at one time before allowing more guests in.

– Take your own bathrobe and slippers.

– Take a book but leave your electronic devices at home.

– If you are doing a massage, go for a dip in the pools first to relax your muscles. You can always go to the pools again afterwards!

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Ambereen is mom to two cute twins Mister and Missy, now with a third baby on the way! She’s Canadian eh, and lives in Canada’s capital with her husband, Mr. Mama. Between travelling and a busy social life, she works full-time in the public sector in IT policy. She enjoys writing short stories interjected with subtle humour about life adventures, sharing recipes, and coming up with fun yet simple activities to do with the kids. After a short hiatus where life got in the way of writing, she is back blogging at 2Cute – Adventures in Twin Parenting. She is looking forward to sharing her experiences here about life with twins + 1. And yes, it’s only one this time!

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