Baker in the Mix: Buying a Stand Mixer

I am the proud owner of a new Kitchenaid Stand Mixer! I’ve always wanted to get one, especially since being home for 2 years made me get in touch with my baking side. It seems these mixers are always on sale, but the variety in styles and prices are confusing. Luckily there’s was a special sale last week on the mixers at The Bay, Sears, and Canadian Tire all at the same time which makes it easier to compare.

I settled on the Architect Series in Silver, bought online from The Bay. I’m not one to make large purchases like this (the most I would spend in a shopping spree would be a couple hundred dollars), so it was hard to justify buying something for double that amount! As David Chilton says in his book “The Wealthy Barber Returns”, when you earn $2 that is really $1 in after-tax money which you can use to buy stuff. So in order to buy a $400 appliance ($451 including HST), I have to earn $902. That translates in X number of hours worked to earn that amount, and should make me think twice before making impulse buys.

Considering I’ve had my eye on this mixer for a while, this doesn’t count as an impulse buy. Still, spending that much in one shot is hard to swallow, so after a bit of research, I ended up getting the stand mixer for $307.50 + HST. Make that $157.49 + HST!

How you ask? Two days after buying the mixer online at The Bay, I saw that Sears had the exact same mixer on sale for $357.49. So I thought, why pay more? Surely The Bay would price match. Turns out, they don’t. So I went to the trouble of trudging to The Bay with mixer in hand to return it, and buying the same model at Sears. Luckily, hubby stayed at home with the kids and Nana (my dad) met me at St Laurent mall since it has both The Bay and Sears. Also, being my lucky day, Nana had $150 worth of Sears points he offered to redeem for me. Bonus!! So along with the Manufacturer’s rebate (which I still need to claim), the Sears points and price difference, I got a $549 mixer for one third the price! Here’s how the math worked out.

Regular price:                       $549.99

Sale price 1:                              399.99 with free shipping at The Bay

Price difference                      (42.49)  …$357.49 at Sears

Sears points redeemed     (150.00)

Manufacturer rebate            (50.00) … “Fall Into Savings” Kitchenaid event

Total price before HST      $157.49

Plus HST                                       20.48

Total                                     $177.97 (tax included!!!)

I could’ve gotten another model like Artisan for less (stainless steel bowl versus glass bowl), but I’m happy with the choice. That’s less than one of my shopping sprees. Wonder how many cookies I’d have to bake to get my return on investment?

Photo credit:  Naghma’s Tasty Treats

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